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May 2017
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Monsenor de Puerto Plata Robusto Maduro

This Cigar was in a word Pleasant. Medium and smoother than I expected from a cigar with Maduro wrapper. I enjoyed this cigar while playing Golf on a Sunny mid Afternoon in South Florida.

Upon lighting this cigar I got an initial blend of spice and sweetness that tantalized my taste buds. The Cigar burned evenly but went out twice during the hour or so it was lit.

The draw was easy and the sweetness and leather earthy taste with occasional spice stayed with me throughout the burn. The second time the cigar went out was about 1 1/2" and I must admit the cigar was just beginning to get hot.

The great taste and easy draw and overall enjoyment of this cigar overshadowed the relights and heat towards the end of the stick.

I would recommend this cigar to fellow golfers and cigar aficionados.

We have just received samples from Monsenor de Puerto Plata Dominican Cigar company. See the Cigar news page.  Watch for our reviews of these cigars on this Cigar reviews page soon.

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